TWO a.m.

i have a love/hate relationship with two a.m.

no matter what, whether i’ve been asleep for five hours or five minutes;

i always wake up at two.

it is probably the most frustrating aspect of my life.

but the thing is, i’ve almost grown to love my little wake up call.

the world is so quiet at two.

it’s the only time i feel as though i can truly breathe.

it’s just me, curled up under the covers, and the moon shining through my window.

life is so hectic, but at two, none of it matters.

i have my best thoughts at two.

it’s the only time where i can really focus on me. nobody else. just me.

hell i wouldn’t be surprised if most of these posts were written at two a.m.

this blog is supposed to be a representation of me and my creativity;

quite honestly, there’s nothing more creative than what happens to me at two.

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