the best SEVEN ingredient sandwich ever

no joke i eat this sandwich everyday.

it is so easy and so good.

now i’m hungry.

i’m gonna go make this now.


     -ciabatta bread (i unfortunately have to eat gluten free, but if you don’t,                           consider yourself the luckiest person alive)

     -sliced turkey/chicken


     -mozzarella (fresh or from a bag, i don’t judge)


     -balsamic glaze


it’s a sandwich, not rocket science but here’s the steps anyways

     -toast yo bread (unless you’re in a dorm like me, then please don’t burn us                     down, it’s still as good when it’s on sad, untoasted bread)

     -spread a very, very hefty amount of pesto on each side

     -add in your turkey, greens, cheese, & tomato

     -cover both sides in balsamic glaze

     -close ‘er up


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