i’m having a *little* bit of a crisis.

i have completely hit a wall in coming up with creative things to post

i feel like none of them are interesting or creative enough

they are literally all the same,

which is exactly what i was told not to do.

i am not cut out for this.

i should’ve dropped when i had the chance.

also, i really screwed myself over by making the number of the posts part of the title

i thought i was being so cool and creative…

*spoiler alert*

i was not.

i am literally running out of ideas

what the actual fuck is “NINE-1-1” supposed to mean


this is my life now.

i am a failure.

oh my god, i took an hour break and i am now realizing how fucking dramatic i am.

i need to take a damn chill pill sometimes.

anyways, i wasn’t gonna post this, but what’s more creative than my exact thoughts during a breakdown?

absolutely nothing.

but i think it is safe to say:

crisis averted??

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