THIRTEEN reasons why (i’m happy!)

disclaimer: i was extremely limited on title names due to my (questionable???) method of numbering my posts, so i decided to take this commonly “unfortunate” title and tried to put a happy twist on it!! 🙂

  1. it was finally less than 1000 outside
  2. i’m ordering chinese food for dinner
  3. i did make hair & makeup today, so i feel extra pretty
  4. my mom sent me a fun package
  5. i found a sweatshirt i thought i lost
  6. a cute boy asked me to hang out
  7. it’s almost the weekend
  8. i skipped class
    • i know this would typically be a stressor for most people, but i really needed it & it was probably the highlight of my day
  9. i get to go home in 2 weeks to see my dog & family & HARRY STYLES
  10. i ate cheesy bread for breakfast
  11. my favorite blanket is freshly washed
  12. i set aside time to watch real housewives tonight
  13. i’m slowly but surely catching up on my posts

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