SEVENTEEN: what an age

1: you survived your first year of life! go you!! 2: welcome to the terrible twos… parents beware! 10: double digits baby!! 13: yes! finally a teenager! 14: high school here i come! 15: i can drive! (…well with a parent) 16: i can drive! for real this time! 17: ???? 18: welcome to adulthood! my whole childhood, each birthday has brought something new. new life. new responsibility. new privileges. new everything. but then there was 17. i never really knew what was so special about that age. it felt like it was the only one that didn’t have something new to go along with it. but, if anything, 17 was the best of them all. it was at 17 that i really began to find myself. some of my best (& worst) memories were made when i was 17, i met some of my best friends, i experienced so many “firsts”, i grew closer to the people in my life & even myself, i became a whole new person. if i’m being completely honest, i think 17 is the most special birthday of them all. it doesn’t have a “new experience” to go along with it, because everyday from then on is a new experience. i miss 17. what an age it is.

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