a year of fear,



               & so much more.

it’s a year most wish to forget,

but i wish to remember.

i’m the definition of a homebody,

so the chance to stay at home

all-day, everyday,

was a dream come true.

i had never been so relaxed.

which is shocking compared to all the madness going on around me.

i quarantined with 22 people. 

     yup. 22 people (oh & 2 dogs, a cat & a hermit crab).

         all under 1 roof.

i come from a very, very close family.

so the idea of not being able to see each other 

was completely off the table.

(if you’ve ever seen my big fat greek wedding, we’re like that, but on steroids)

everyday was something crazy whether we liked it or not.

but i wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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