TWENTY FOUR hours in a day

there’s only 24 hours in a day. how do you spend yours? i spend mine wisely.

12 am: sleeping

1 am: sleeping

2 am: sleeping

3 am: sleeping

4 am: sleeping

5 am: sleeping

6 am: sleeping

7 am: sleeping

8 am: wake up & get ready

9 am: make a to do list & plan to be productive

10 am: go back to sleep

11 am: sleeping

12 pm: sleeping

1 pm: sleeping

2 pm: lunch time

3 pm: go on my phone

4 pm: on my phone

5 pm: on my phone

6 pm: dinner time

7 pm: hang out with my friends

8 pm: procrastinate my mountain of homework

9 pm: work

10 pm: go to sleep

11 pm: wake up in a stressed panic over work

12 am: sleeping

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