TWENTY THREE & me: a love/hate relationship

spit in a tube. send it to a lab. see your genetics. what could go wrong?

my dad got us all test kits as a joke for christmas a few years ago…

little did he realize how quickly our lives would change.

long story short, my mom found out she had a secret brother.

this was world shattering news to our tight-knit family

as if the timing couldn’t have gotten any worse,

we found out the day after my grandfather’s funeral.

if that isn’t weird enough,

he knew about the test results and was AT THE FUNERAL

and we had no idea.

how could we?

there were 1000000 people we didn’t know there.

anyways, turns out he’s amazing & we love him & his family

& i wouldn’t trade my new extension family for the world,

but what the fuck?

all because i spit in a tube.

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