TWENTY FIVE things i do when i’m bored/procrastinating

  1. look up “caroline” on spotify & listen to all the songs with my name in them
  2. go on a walk
  3. make pinterest boards
  4. do my makeup for no reason
  5. make random lists (like i’m doing now)
  6. listen to podcasts
  7. sleep
  8. go on my phone/social media
  9. draw/color/doodle
  10. plan super extravagant trips for when i’m rich
  11. go on designer websites and pretend i can afford stuff
  12. plan outfits for random events i’m not going to
  13. photoshop pictures
  14. go for a drive & blare music
  15. buzzfeed quizzes
  16. online shop & then not buy anything bc i’m broke
  17. make food
  18. bother my roommates
  19. google myself
  20. take a super long luxurious shower
  21. redo my entire room
  22. make spotify playlists
  23. make todo lists but not do anything on them
  24. watch youtube/netflix
  25. read a magazine & catch up on stupid celebrity gossip

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