THIRTY things i want to do before i turn 30

ever since i was little, i’ve had a list of things i want to accomplish before i turn 30

so here it is:

  1. make the 30 under 30 list
  2. go skydiving
  3. scuba dive the great barrier reef
  4. get married
  5. travel to at least 30 countries
  6. see the northern lights
  7. graduate college
  8. go on a safari
  9. write a cookbook
  10. make all the recipes in a cookbook
  11. have a “say yes” day
  12. sleep under the stars
  13. go on an actual road trip
  14. have someone write a song about me
  15. break a world record
  16. make a scrapbook
  17. go to a music festival
  18. learn how to surf
  19. face a fear
  20. get super dressed up for a casual event
  21. watch the ball drop on new years
  22. take a wine/cocktail class
  23. (successfully) make a thanksgiving turkey
  24. host a fancy dinner party
  25. learn to drive stick
  26. watch the sunrise on one coast & sunset on the other in 1 day
  27. attend the olympics
  28. see a traditional ballet in paris
  29. start a new tradition
  30. be happy

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