at least there’s more than THIRTY ONE cents in my bank account

for this assignment, i will not be cutting up a dollar, simply due to the fact that i do not have one, as i am currently broke as fuck.

if my bank statement didn’t give it away, i am extremely bad at budgeting.

it’s just never been one of my strong suits.

i’m a firm believer in the healing powers of retail therapy.

nothing beats the feeling of swiping your credit card;

that is until you are faced with the terrifying reality that you have $0.86 to your name.

it’s ok though bc those boots are gonna be so cute the one & only time they’re worn.

but it’s ok because the 15th is upon us…

the blessed day in which my mom sends me money.

until then, i shall starve because i refuse to eat from the dining hall.

thank god for flex dollars, except i’m probably out of those too.

if that’s the case i am even more fucked and i will need professional help.

i should not be allowed to have money anymore, it never ends well.

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