all (THIRTY) TWO well – 10 minute version

on friday, taylor swift released the 10 minute version of her song, all too well.

to say the least, well is the last thing i am feeling about this.

i spent all weekend listening to the album, crying of course.

it was honestly such a freeing experience.

i’ve never had the best experience with relationships,

but i’ve always had taylor swift to pick up the pieces.

this re-release was a good reminder of this.

while i’m not the biggest fan of some of her recent work,

this album instantly sent me back to the memories of little me

in my feels over my elementary school breakups.

it’s funny to look back on how dumb relationships were back then

but the feelings were still just the same.

it won’t let me upload a video, so here’s a glimpse of my listening experience.

why was i crying?

who knows.

but it really does capture all the feelings of the album.

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