the THIRTY SIX questions that lead to love

ok so i love love, despite never really having the best luck with guys, so when my friend sent me these questions, i just had to know what they were all about.

they are based on a study by arthur aron which explored whether ot not intimacy between 2 strangers can be forced/accelerated by asking/answering a series of personal questions.

these 36 “scientifically tested” questions are broken up into 3 sets,

with each set being deeper than the last.

the idea behind it is that vulnerability fosters connection/intimacy.

honestly, i think i’d seem pretty weird if i went up to random guys at theory & started asking them deep questions in an effort to find a match,

but i still love the idea behind it.

i ask people a lot of questions, i just love it.

#1 because i’m nosy,

& #2 because i love listening to other people’s answers.

it can really tell a lot about a person & obviously makes you closer.

i think it could be interesting to see how these questions really do impact relationships.

if you want to read the questions or learn more check out this NYT article:

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