it’s taco (FORTY) TWO-sday… or i guess wednesday lol

here’s the most amazing airfryer taco recipe EVER!

like so so amazing & so easy & cheap

which we love!!!


  1. shredded chicken (got mine from the prepared foods section)
  2. shredded cheese (i prefer mexican blend)
  3. tortillas (the little ones bc they’re cuter)
  4. avocado oil (or any spray oil)


  1. stuff tortilla w/ chicken & cheese
  2. line your air fryer w foil & pop in the tacos
  3. spray w/ a bit of oil & cook for 5 mins @ 400 degrees
  4. flip them & spray the other side
  5. cook for 5 more mins
  6. take them out & enjoy

i had mine w chips & queso bc i didn’t plan ahead and have anything to add to them

they’re so easy to customize & dress up how you like

omg now i’m craving them again

please try this!!!

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