THIRTY EIGHT things i hate

  1. eating sounds
  2. people that move into your lane and then slow down
  3. waking up
  4. going to wrtr class… or spanish… or any class (except yours ily)
  5. pink whitney
  6. when there’s no parking outside my dorm
  7. communal bathrooms
  8. when you’re trying to breathe and you feel like you can’t fill up your whole lung so you keep breathing in until you almost suffocate
  9. when you can feel your toes touching
  10. the smell of peanut butter
  11. the sound of someone snapping their gum
  12. when i can’t crack my knuckles but really need to
  13. wet socks
  14. bugs
  15. when you can’t touch or see the bottom of the ocean
  16. dining hall food
  17. dfw airport (love field is superior)
  18. having a stuffy nose
  19. when my nails start lifting & get stuck in my hair
  20. ruby grapefruit white claw
  21. talking during a movie
  22. slow walkers
  23. people who have to one up everything you say
  24. when your takeout spills in the bag
  25. people who talk really close to you & you can feel their breath
  26. people who push their views on you
  27. over posting
  28. that noise people make when they have something in their throat
  29. people who only use speech to text
  30. grammar nazis
  31. people who think they’re the shit & shove it in your face
  32. being left on delivered
  33. heating up smelly food in a public kitchen
  34. when your to go order is wrong & you don’t realize until you’re home
  35. overactive group chats (@ vs group me)
  36. excessive ads
  37. obnoxious snoring
  38. slow wifi

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