in FORTY EIGHT hours i’ll be in the snow!!

i love snow!

it makes everything more magical.

i’m literally counting down the seconds until i’m there.

usually i’d say i’m so excited to snowboard,

but all the snow on the mountain is melting,

so i don’t think i’ll be doing much of that.

it’s so weird to think that the semester is almost over.

i’ve had my thanksgiving trip marked on my calendar forever,

& just like that… it’s here.

time flies by so fucking fast

& i’m too stupid to realize it.

well i guess i have to go pack now…

ugh i have so much to do.

i don’t know how people do this.

i was obviously not cut out for this.

i’m running out of time to get all my shit done,

because i can’t stop blabbering in my blog posts.


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