my FIFTY th post! finally!!

we have finally made it to post 50!

i never thought this day would come!

don’t get me wrong, i loved this assignment

infact, it was my favorite assignment from all my classes this year

it was really fun & tested my creativity (a bit too much at times lol)

but boy am i ready to be done!

like i said in my last post,

not everything i posted was a+ work,

but it was authentic,

& that’s what this blog was supposed to be;

so in my eyes,

i’d say i nailed it.

or i’m just bullshitting to myself so i’ll stop being so stressed.

whatever the case may be,

i’d say this was a pretty successful assignment,

because everything worked out in the end…

at least i think it did?


thanks for coming on this journey with me.

i had a lot of fun!

i also learned a whole lot,

not just about advertising,

but about myself,

so that’s pretty cool!

so… ya…

i don’t really know how to end this,

& quite frankly, i’m not sure i want to;

but i have a lot of work to get done so

peace out mfs✌🏻

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