this is post FORTY NINE i have to make it shine

i will be the first to admit, my last few blog posts have been anything but good;

just random attempts to get all 50 posts out on time.

this is not how i expected my blog to go.

i thought i would be so on top of it,

posting regularly,

going above & beyond,

but that’s just not the case.

like i said in my other post, this is typical for me,

you’d think i’d be used to rushing by now,

but somehow i never am.

honestly, i think life wasn’t made for planning.

it changes way to fast.

one little thing can cause a tidal wave of other changes in your life,

& with it goes any possible plans you may have made.

now that’s not to say you shouldn’t prepare or look ahead,

but it’s important to remember that:

your life isn’t over just because it ended up different than you thought.

in fact,

i think it’s better when things don’t go as planned.

it makes things way more exciting.

& hey, worst comes to worse, just pretend like you meant for it to happen,

nobody has to know any different.

like this post, i used my procrastination & turned it into content.

i’m pretending like my mistakes were purposeful,

it’s not like someone can say they were not;

how would they know?


did it work?

did i save myself in the end?

guess we’ll find out when grades get posted.

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