FORTY ONE countries i wanna travel to

australia bali bora bora italy england netherlands south africa thailand fiji phillipines finland british virgin islands iceland brazil denmark portugal peru spain sweden japan china norway new zealand morocco switzerland egypt armenia austria greenland belgium cuba ireland st. kitts & nevis lebanon maldives luxembourg malta monaco seychelles united arab emirates jamaica

THIRTY EIGHT things i hate

eating sounds people that move into your lane and then slow down waking up going to wrtr class… or spanish… or any class (except yours ily) pink whitney when there’s no parking outside my dorm communal bathrooms when you’re trying to breathe and you feel like you can’t fill up your whole lung so youContinue reading “THIRTY EIGHT things i hate”

THIRTY SEVEN reasons i’m not going to heaven

i’m not about to self-incriminate, so here’s a bunch of weird things about me/i do that my roommate thinks shouldn’t get me in aka all my red flags: i don’t sleep with a top sheet retail therapy (when real therapy isn’t cutting it) self-deprecating humor i say non-casual things in a very casual way didn’tContinue reading “THIRTY SEVEN reasons i’m not going to heaven”

the THIRTY SIX questions that lead to love

ok so i love love, despite never really having the best luck with guys, so when my friend sent me these questions, i just had to know what they were all about. they are based on a study by arthur aron which explored whether ot not intimacy between 2 strangers can be forced/accelerated by asking/answeringContinue reading “the THIRTY SIX questions that lead to love”

all (THIRTY) TWO well – 10 minute version

on friday, taylor swift released the 10 minute version of her song, all too well. to say the least, well is the last thing i am feeling about this. i spent all weekend listening to the album, crying of course. it was honestly such a freeing experience. i’ve never had the best experience with relationships,Continue reading “all (THIRTY) TWO well – 10 minute version”