at least there’s more than THIRTY ONE cents in my bank account

for this assignment, i will not be cutting up a dollar, simply due to the fact that i do not have one, as i am currently broke as fuck. if my bank statement didn’t give it away, i am extremely bad at budgeting. it’s just never been one of my strong suits. i’m a firmContinue reading “at least there’s more than THIRTY ONE cents in my bank account”

THIRTY things i want to do before i turn 30

ever since i was little, i’ve had a list of things i want to accomplish before i turn 30 so here it is: make the 30 under 30 list go skydiving scuba dive the great barrier reef get married travel to at least 30 countries see the northern lights graduate college go on a safariContinue reading “THIRTY things i want to do before i turn 30”

post TWENTY NINE to let you know i’m doing fine

i know some of my posts can come off a bit *concerning* but i named by blog “candidly caroline” for a reason because it’s the true, unapologetic, uncensored me plus i’m known for my super self-deprecating humor, so it’s only fitting here’s a pic of me in my new shirt from my dad to proveContinue reading “post TWENTY NINE to let you know i’m doing fine”

my TWENTY EIGHT dietary restrictions

i love food, i’m a major foodie, but god damn there’s a lot of things i can’t eat! (but let’s be honest i still eat most of them otherwise i’d starve) while i’m allergic to most of them, there’s just a lot of stuff i refuse to eat gluten red meat strawberries blackberries kiwi soyContinue reading “my TWENTY EIGHT dietary restrictions”

TWENTY FIVE things i do when i’m bored/procrastinating

look up “caroline” on spotify & listen to all the songs with my name in them go on a walk make pinterest boards do my makeup for no reason make random lists (like i’m doing now) listen to podcasts sleep go on my phone/social media draw/color/doodle plan super extravagant trips for when i’m rich goContinue reading “TWENTY FIVE things i do when i’m bored/procrastinating”

TWENTY THREE & me: a love/hate relationship

spit in a tube. send it to a lab. see your genetics. what could go wrong? my dad got us all test kits as a joke for christmas a few years ago… little did he realize how quickly our lives would change. long story short, my mom found out she had a secret brother. thisContinue reading “TWENTY THREE & me: a love/hate relationship”

2:TWENTY TWO ~ i love angel numbers

i love angel numbers. angel numbers are repeating or sequenced numbers that are thought to be sent      from guardian angels/the divine as a sign that you’re on the right track. now i’m not necessarily a super spiritual person, but i am an anxious one. i love to overthink; i love to worry aboutContinue reading “2:TWENTY TWO ~ i love angel numbers”