FIFTY ONE is better than just 50

while i may be a procrastinator, a bullshitter, lazy, sometimes not the brightest, a terrible planner, there’s one thing i’m not: an underachiever. so, in an effort to go above & beyond, i present to you… post #51! when i originally started, i thought i’d be up to post #60.. 90.. 200 by now, butContinue reading “FIFTY ONE is better than just 50”

this is post FORTY NINE i have to make it shine

i will be the first to admit, my last few blog posts have been anything but good; just random attempts to get all 50 posts out on time. this is not how i expected my blog to go. i thought i would be so on top of it, posting regularly, going above & beyond, butContinue reading “this is post FORTY NINE i have to make it shine”

in FORTY EIGHT hours i’ll be in the snow!!

i love snow! it makes everything more magical. i’m literally counting down the seconds until i’m there. usually i’d say i’m so excited to snowboard, but all the snow on the mountain is melting, so i don’t think i’ll be doing much of that. it’s so weird to think that the semester is almost over.Continue reading “in FORTY EIGHT hours i’ll be in the snow!!”

FORTY FIVE days of living w/ my best friend

45 days ago today, i moved in with my best friend ryan & thank god i did, i’m not sure if i would’ve made it without her. i’m just kidding, i love my old roommate, it was just a very, very difficult living situation. while i was miserable in the moment, my living situation wasContinue reading “FORTY FIVE days of living w/ my best friend”

FORTY THREE i’m almost free

happy thursday! & happy last day to submit this assignment! in true caroline fashion, i’m finishing this assignment just hours before it’s due. why do i do this to myself? honestly, not sure, but i’ll never stop doing it. i can’t. it just feels wrong. even when i tried to plan it out to finishContinue reading “FORTY THREE i’m almost free”

it’s taco (FORTY) TWO-sday… or i guess wednesday lol

here’s the most amazing airfryer taco recipe EVER! like so so amazing & so easy & cheap which we love!!! ingredients: shredded chicken (got mine from the prepared foods section) shredded cheese (i prefer mexican blend) tortillas (the little ones bc they’re cuter) avocado oil (or any spray oil) steps: stuff tortilla w/ chicken &Continue reading “it’s taco (FORTY) TWO-sday… or i guess wednesday lol”